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The Idaho Edge: A Quarterly Newsletter from the Idaho Potato Commission

Frank Muir, President/CEO Idaho Potato Commission Dear Friends,

With Spring just around the corner, I want to reach out to you and all our industry friends, and to show you what we’ve been doing to make sure Idaho® potatoes are top of mind for consumers when they are either at the grocery store or at their favorite restaurant perusing the menu.

Several years ago, The Idaho Potato Commission (IPC) began building a strong online community of potato lovers, as we predicted the growth of social media would become a powerful tool to communicate directly with consumers. We have also fostered strong relationships with the nation’s most popular food and lifestyle bloggers, who have earned credibility with a legion of “fans” that are, by and large, the primary audience for Idaho® potatoes.  The result is that we now have some of the strongest fan engagements in the food industry, particularly on our website and popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

In addition to social media, the IPC's website has become the Internet “go-to” resource for all things potato-related.  We learned that the number one reason people visit is for the recipes.  In response we’ve revamped the recipe section to make the navigation easier and enlarged the photos add to eye-appeal.

Many of our contests such as Russet Recipe Rescue and the Virtual Side Dish Challenge are recipe-focused and provide a variety of compelling reasons for folks to increase their potato consumption.  And, it’s working!  According to a recent survey the IPC commissioned, consumers are enjoying their spuds on average of three times per week.  When we conducted the survey five years ago, folks were eating them only twice a week.

Our two biggest programs, the Famous Idaho® Potato Bowl and the Great Big Idaho® Potato Truck, continue to make headlines and there’s no doubt in my mind these programs will carry on to grow as more and more folks become aware of them.

I wish you all a festive Spring and encourage you to visit to learn more about our various marketing initiatives.


Frank Muir
President & CEO, Idaho Potato Commission

Experiencing Farm to Fork First Hand

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Website Refresh

About half of all visitors to the Idaho Potato Commission’s (IPC) website are actively searching for mouth-watering recipes they can share with their families and friends. Since the website launched in 1997, one of its most popular features has been the recipe section. More »

Contests Galore

Engaging consumers through contests encourages them to use Idaho® potatoes in new and delicious ways and generates millions of impressions though social media channels as well as in newspapers and magazines. More »

People's Pulse on Potatoes

And the survey says...we live in a tater nation! In a new survey by the Idaho Potato Commission, 97% of Americans said they eat potatoes and more than 81% enjoy them as a side dish, snack or main course on average of three days per week.  More »

National Promotions

The saying “Go Big or Go Home” could easily be the  IPC’s slogan.  We launched the two biggest programs in the organization’s history, the Famous Idaho® Potato Bowl and the Great Big Idaho® Potato Truck. More »

Sideline Reporting for Idaho potatoes

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